Bell Ringing

Bell-ringing is a uniquely English contribution to the life and message of the church, and has been over several centuries.  It has long been a feature of Kirkheaton Parish Church, and that continues vigorously today.

The ringing of the bells is part of the church’s place in and witness to our community. It is a message of worship, vitality, and hope. It aims to honour God as Creator and giver of materials, musical sound and human skill, through physical and mental activity, commitment and teamwork. It has rules, sounds and rhythms entirely its own, where people of all ages and backgrounds meet on equal terms, and which remind us that God is beyond anything words can express.

We would very much welcome some additional members to our small team of ringers. 

Anyone aged from about 10 upwards can learn to ring, but it does take staying power, especially in the early stages.  The basic technique of handling a bell can usually be acquired in a few months.  Beyond that stage, the learning becomes much more enjoyable and never stops. Being a bell-ringer requires practically no expense or special equipment, is an all-year-round activity, and for a church member makes only a modest demand on time.  Contact Toseef Ahmad (01484 313933) or Bill Weston (01484 453591) if you would like to know more.

For those interested in becoming part of the team, the regular times of ringing are:

Sundays: 10.30 - 11 am, and 5 -6 pm.

Weekly practice: Tuesdays, 7-9 pm.

As well as being rung at these times the bells are rung for many weddings, some funerals and on other special national and local occasions.


The church's original six bells, dating from 1818, were replaced in 1987-8 by a new peal of eight (from the bellfounders, Taylors of Loughborough).  The previous set of bells are now in use in St. Clement’s Church, Sandwich, Kent.