Kirkheaton Garden Trail

Calling all Kirkheaton gardeners - press release from Huddersfield Examiner March 2016

Here is a chance to show off your hard work to a wide and appreciative audience. As part of Kirkheaton’s weekend of events to celebrate the Queen’s official birthday in June there will be a garden trail around the village, Saturday 11th June, 11 am - 5 pm. The organisers are looking for people who are prepared to open their gardens for the benefit of the local community.

‘Last time we did this (in 2011) it was a great success,’ co-organiser Sarah Brown says, ‘with hundreds of people visiting over the day. We also discovered some real gems, not just the large gardens but smaller ones too including one really delightful cottage garden.’

“It is not about size of garden, but the interest that it would hold for people - the variety, landscaping, colour (red white and blue flowers for the Queen’s birthday perhaps?) or other features. We hope to have some that are a bit quirky too. The more variety the better.’

‘We appreciate the commitment that will go into getting the gardens ready, and being around on the day to welcome people,’ she says, ‘but all the other planning will be done by the organising group.’

‘Some gardens might provide refreshments or sell things such as bedding plants’ she adds. ‘We are hoping that some of the gardens will be willing to host displays about the various groups for young people in the community, and people are welcome to promote a cause they are interested in or concerned about. There will also be a Treasure Hunt, things hidden in the gardens for children, and others, to look for.’

‘The idea is that people donate the profits to the community, and all profits from the day will be divided amongst the various groups working with young people in the community - the Scouts and Guides themselves, the sports groups and the churches.’

“We have many good ideas already” says Mrs Brown, “and we hope for more. What we need now are the gardens!”

If you are interested in offering your garden, or want to know more, then please contact:

Sarah Brown -  or  Keith Durkin -

or ring the Parish Office phone on 01484 531449


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