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Kirkheaton’s new chairs


Sponsor a chair and make a significant contribution to our new building. High-quality seating is a vital part of our hospitality to guests, visitors and worshippers. Sponsoring a chair is a lovely way of helping the church, and at the same time marking the contribution of an individual or an organization that is important to you. Each chair can bear a plaque with a name requested by the sponsor - this could be your own name or someone you wish to commemorate.

About the new chairs

They are classically stylish and contemporary

They are made from top quality British and European oak

They are hand made by a Yorkshire firm (Treske)

The design has been adapted to our own needs (with a little extra padding and rounded edges to the wood for more comfort), so the company now has a ‘St John’s Chair’ on their books

They will enhance our building

They are hard-wearing, will last for many years and can easily be repaired

They can be stacked and moved


Each chair costs £200 (£250 for a chair with arms). If you would like to sponsor one or more chairs, please complete the form below, ticking the gift aid box if you are a UK taxpayer, enclose it with your cheque and send it to Kirkheaton Parish Office, Church Lane, Kirkheaton, Huddersfield, HD5 0BH.

Thank you.

Rector and Churchwardens

Kirkheaton Parish Church

Registered Charity No. 1134019

Application Form

Name(s): Mr/Mrs/Ms



Telephone: Email:

o I/We wish to sponsor _________ chair(s) at £200 and/or _________ chair(s) at £250 each, and enclose my/our cheque for £______________made payable to: Kirkheaton Parish Church

o I/we wish to make a donation to the Chair Project and enclose a cheque for

£______________made payable to: Kirkheaton Parish Church

 I declare that I am a UK tax-payer and that this sponsorship/donation may be treated as a Gift Aid donation


Signature:________________________ Date:_____________________

Please complete the following information for the plaque:


[Donated by ………………. (optional)] in memory of:

Name:_________________________________________________________First chair

Name:_________________________________________________________Second chair

Name:_________________________________________________________Third chair


Kirkheaton Parish Church,

Parish Office

Church Lane