We are delighted you are thinking of this very special step. Whether you are thinking of having your child Baptised (“Christened” is another word for this) or of being baptised yourself, we hope that this is a very special time for you.

We welcome for Baptism anyone who lives in the parish (if you are not sure you can check by using A Church Near You or who has a strong connection with one of our churches.

Because Baptism is such a special sacrament of beginning of faith and membership of the Church we do all our Baptisms in one of our main services. This will usually be on a Sunday morning.

The first step is to come to one of our services. If you have young children then our monthly Family Service (at Kirkheaton on the first Sunday of the month, at Grange Moor on the fourth) is probably best but you are welcome to any.

For children

If the Baptism is for your child then you will be introduced to one of our Baptism visitors who will help you prepare for the service by setting up a series of three visits - in your own home so no worry about babysitters - to help us to get to know you a bit better and explore together what Baptism is all about. These sessions only take around an hour. You will than have an opportunity to come together with the other families having their babies baptised on the same Sunday, to look around the church, ask questions, etc. so that you can be more relaxed on the day itself. We hope that this does not sound too big a commitment. Most people find it really useful, and fun!

We hope that Godparents will be able to take part in these too (NB To be a Godparent you need to be over 18 and to have been baptised yourself).

We hope you might like also want to arrange a Thanksgiving for the birth of your new child at one of these (we’ll talk more about this on one of the visits). Our aim is to make sure you are fully prepared for the important promises you will make during the service and to explore the exciting future we believe God wants for you and your child.


For adults

We regularly run short courses which introduce people to the Christian faith, and that would be the normal preparation for Baptism if you are an adult. Please contact the Rector, Richard Steel, on 01484 532410.