Many people put off talking about this, but it can be very good for you, and for your loved ones, to give some thought to what sort of service you might like.

A funeral in church has the advantage of having more space and time, and it is a building where many such ceremonies have taken place. The service can be a simple as you wish, and does not need to be ‘heavy’ or relentlessly solemn. It can also include music that is special to you (on CD as well as organ), space for people to share memories, celebrate your life and have an opportunity to reflect. In the service we commend you to God, and help those who are left to grasp God’s promises of eternal life.


Planning a funeral is a spiritual as well as practical matter. It is a natural time to take stock of one’s own life and prepare for the life we believe is to come for all those who love and trust God. Death is something many people don’t want to talk about but for a Christian it is a time to set off on an even more amazing form of existence.


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This church of England website may also provide useful guidance and answers.