Home Groups

A key part of our churches’ life is our home groups. This is the main way we encourage discipleship and the majority of members are in such a group. They are usually around 10-12 people who meet in a local home to pray and study the Bible together. They also offer a chance to get to know people on a deeper level and offer much support

They meet every other week, some during the day and some in an evening.

They explore and look more deeply at the current topics of teaching of the church. They are based around the study of Bible passages and also include prayer.

From January until Easter we will be following a series of studies on St John's Gospel, following the ministry of Jesus from his Baptism through to Easter.

Many groups also meet on other occasions for social events. 

If you are interested in joining one (and we have a few people who are members of a group but do not regularly worship with us) please contact the Parish Office.