What is a Christian?

If you’re wondering whether the Christian faith might be the answer to your spiritual searching, or perhaps you’re going to a church wedding or funeral and want to know a bit more before you go, then this section is for you.

What is a Christian?

At it’s very simplest, a Christian is someone who believes that Jesus wasn’t just an ordinary human being, however amazing, but God himself. Someone who seeks to live their life following his teachings, and has come to believe that he is not just a dead hero, but someone who you can have a relationship with today. It is someone who tries to put Jesus, and the way he calls us to live our lives, above everything else.

We further believe that God isn’t an old man with a long beard, sitting up in heaven listening to angels playing harps all day. We believe he created the whole universe and remains actively involved in it. And that he sent his son, Jesus, to live here on earth. And all this because he loves us.

And we believe we can have a direct connection with God through the Holy Spirit.

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - the problem is we have to use ordinary words to try and describe something far beyond words. We use the words ‘father’ and ‘son’, but we don’t believe God is a person just like us; we do though believe he is personal, not just some kind of ‘force’. And we believe that he wants to have a personal relationship with us. Amazing? Yes, but for over 2000 years that is what many have believed, what many have found to be true for themselves.

If you want to find out more about Christianity, and answers to many common questions, see the Christian Enquiry Agency web site. For a more detailed discussion of Jesus and how people view him today see the rejesus web site.


If you’d like to continue finding out more about what we believe, then please read on. We’re not going to give you the ‘hard sell’ in the few minutes it will take you to read this page, but we would love to share a few thoughts, and even more importantly, some stories which will help you think it through for yourself. And if you would like to talk with someone then just contact us.

Did you know - there are more Christians in the world than members of any other faith (around 2.1 billion people globally – around a third of the world’s population). And although there are lots of differences in the way we express our faith we all believe the same core things. And the Church is growing – at a rate of around 70,000 people a day worldwide. In this country, the most recent Census figures (2011) showed that Christianity remains the biggest religion in England and that almost 60 per cent of people identify themselves as Christians.

Here are a few FAQs about being a Christian:

Do I have to go to church?

No - but it’s very hard to be a Christian without meeting with others who share your belief.

You can support a football team, without ever going to a match …

You can admire art without ever visiting a gallery …

You can enjoy watching TV chefs without ever cooking …

But would you want to?

But, surely you can believe in God without going to church? And anyway, churches are cold, draughty places, where you have to sit on uncomfortable pews, sing dreary hymns and listen to a boring person droning on for hours on end - and everyone turns to stare at you when you walk in (like a local pub!). Well, there may be a few like that, but it’s not true of most churches.

Here are a few reasons our members give for going to church … [Add Stories]

Do I have to give up all the fun things in life?

No. Jesus said I have come so that people may have the fullest life possible (see the Gospel of John, Chapter 10, verse 10 

And that has to include fun. Did you know that holidays were invented by the Church (Holy Days). For a medieval peasant much of the fun in their lives revolved around church festivals.

There is no reason a Christian should not drink, play sport (even some of the more dangerous ones) or go Clubbing. We don’t think getting drunk, cheating or taking banned substances, or otherwise harming yourself and others is a good idea. But is that really having fun anyway?

Do I have to live an upright, moral life?

N… ! Well, yes, we hope so, but, no, that’s not what faith is at its heart. Faith is not just a way of behaving, not even a set of beliefs. Nor is it about being perfect, because nne of us us. It is about a relationship with a person, Jesus Christ. It’s also about becoming more like Him, and when you do that you may well want to change a few things about the way you live.


If you’d like someone local to talk to, or simply have an e-mail or phone conversation with us then please contact us and someone will get back in touch.

We wish you all the very best in your search.